Our Activities

Numerous patients in Africa still lack access to timely and adequate diagnostics for managing their illnesses. The response needed to close Africa’s diagnostic gaps is fiercely urgent.

CEDBCAM Research Institute has been established to fill diagnostic gaps in Cameroon and beyond.

Our principal activities span across three main areas:


  • Designing and implementing One Health National Action Plans;
  • Raising awareness and catalysing behavioural change;
  • Strengthening surveillance and monitoring of AMR, and antimicrobial sales and use;
  • Strengthening One Health stewardship and the prudent use of antimicrobials; and,
  • Robust monitoring and evaluation of AMR.

Policy and communication

By sharing knowledge and insights with global agencies, governments, and the scientific community, we contribute to accelerate advancements on global health. We share our expertise and foster relationships with key decision-making bodies, government departments, and non-governmental organizations to collaboratively develop strategies, policies, and interventions in health and development. By enabling cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary networking as well as knowledge exchange, we help to maximize national and global impact of policy changes, thereby ensuring greater access to high quality healthcare.



CEDBCAM is always seeking new ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. We understand the value of developing and investing in our staff at every level of the business in order to achieve the best possible standards and provide the best possible service. In addition, our technical platform establishes us as a training site for biomedical students and researchers from diverse universities and institutions allowing us to support genomic expansion of Cameroonian researchers.

Phone: (+237) 694043050
Fax: (+237) 673774022
Biyem-assi, Carrefour Saint Marc
Yaounde, Cameroon