Understanding how each entity of the “One Health” triad and microbes interact to promote sustainable health, prevent and contain diseases as well as preserve effective antimicrobial agents for future generations while ensuring sustainable development is our main priority.

We are working at the heart of One Health interfaces to unravel the mysteries of antimicrobial resistance by:

  • Strengthening integrated antimicrobial resistance surveillance systems for improved public health decision-making and actions.
  • Heightening awareness of the general population and health professionals on the threat of antimicrobial resistance through effective communication, education and training, targeting different social groups;
  • Preserving antimicrobial efficacy for future generations.
  • Promoting public and professional health education activities, particularly on the appropriate use of antibiotics in all their forms, and the implication of antimicrobial resistance in chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
  • Promoting the establishment of partnerships with associations pursuing the same objectives both nationally and internationally.
  • Strengthening knowledge and evidence-based through surveillance and research;
  • Reducing the incidence of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance across the animal, human and environmental compartments through effective sanitation, hygiene, biosecurity and infection prevention and animal husbandry measures, considering gender and cultural differences;
  • One Health stewardship and optimal use of antimicrobials

Leveraging genomics to tackle AMR and improve the lives of billions

Our Science

Our research is highly multifaceted, interdisciplinary and all-inclusive, bringing together, microbiology, food science, food safety, medicine and clinical research, at the edge of animal, human and environmental interfaces, and, state-of-the-art technologies.

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