Our Values

Our core values support our mission, guide our behaviors, and influence how we make decisions. These are the values that we, at CEDBCAM-RI, stand for:

  • Excellence: We hold ourselves to achieving world-class results in line with the highest standards. We are continually looking for ways to improve our work, advance our skills and make the best use of our experience and talent.
  • Integrity: Courage and commitment to do what is right and truthful in all areas of life, professionally and personally. We are carrying out each activity with honesty to foster trustworthiness with our participants, collaborators, partners and funders. We are committing to high standards, transparency and accountability in our activities. We stand by what we say and what we do. We speak up and take positive action when something appears wrong or inappropriate.
  • Evidence-Based Approach: We are a data-driven organisation. Our focus is on the use of data to generate strong evidence that will drive evidence-based decisions while allowing for robust monitoring and evaluation as part of any investment.
  • Respect: We make everyone feel welcome and respected at all times. We respect and value the diverse background, experience, approaches and ideas of all individuals.
  • Innovation: Leading with discovery and creative solutions. We relentlessly pursue knowledge and drive new ideas. We support and embrace productive change. We actively seek opportunities for improvement and develop meaningful solutions.We are using state-of-the-art technologies such as next-generation sequencing to catalyse systemic change – through new policies, new diagnostic tools and sustained behavioural change.
  • Collaboration: We recognize collaboration with national and global institutions sharing our values and vision as essence to reach our goal. We build trust and credibility across our organization and with our partners. We value teamwork in our pursuit of scientific excellence while celebrating our individual strengths and talents. We are transparent in the exchange of ideas and our encouragement of one another.
  • Impact: We are agile and adaptable to evolving research priorities. We believe that achieving a truly transformational impact for people in Africa necessitates the implementation of long-term solutions that are location-specific. We think creatively, pursue innovative ideas, and deliver excellence to positively change our community, nation, and world through collaboration with stakeholders.


Phone: (+237) 694043050
Fax: (+237) 673774022
Biyem-assi, Carrefour Saint Marc
Yaounde, Cameroon